Discover the best vacation rentals in Turkey
25629 vacation rentals, apartments and villas to rent in Turkey
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Discover the best vacation rentals in Turkey

25629 vacation rentals, apartments and villas to rent in Turkey


Turkey is a country with many sides. It’s well know for the many mosques, the soothing hamam to pamper yourself and the dried fruit. Especially along the coast you will find beautiful places with gorgeous beaches, but it’s also fun to go on a citytrip to Turkey. It’s wise to use the Turkish lira as currency and because of the fluctuating exchange rate it’s best to change currency in Turkey itself. On point to take in consideration is that you need a visa to visit the country. You can order this online or buy it at the local airport.

Where will you find the best holiday homes in Turkey?

Nowadays, Side is a beautiful resort with amazing beaches. It used to be an important port, which is located east of Antalya. It’s a kind of open air museum because of all the ruins and monuments the city is known for. You want to get culture and a summer holiday in one place? You should book a holiday home in Side!

Bodrum, Turkey jetset!
Bodrum is on the Aegean coast. A lot of celebrities and rich Turkish people come here to enjoy and relax. Despite it’s popularity the prices are not extremely high. Bodrum is located in a bay and has a harbour which is the home of beautiful yachts. Nice place to visit is the Medieval castle that is near the water and which will give you a breathtaking view. Book a homely holiday home with private pool in Bodrum and enjoy the view.

Antalya, the pearl of the Turkish Riviera
Antalya is one of the bigger cities in Turkey and is known for it’s pebble beach Konyaalti Beach and the sandy beach Lara Beach. In Kaleici, the old part of the city, you will find all sorts of small alleys which lead you to beautiful wooden houses that a build against the city walls. A fun thing to see is the gate of Hadrian, Üçkapılar. Don’t skip the two waterfalls Antalya has. Enjoy your holiday from an apartment or holiday home along the Turkish Riviera!

Alanya is also situated along the Turkish Riviera, between the Taurus Mountains and the bright blue Mediterranean sea. It’s a popular holiday destination for Dutch people. The beaches are well preserved, there is a lively nightlife and there are many different restaurants in the area. Also enjoy the wonderful historic and cultural things this place has. Every year the sun shines here about 3220 hours and this makes Alanya the most sunny place in Turkey. If you don’t want to spend your holiday in a gigantic resort, you should book a holiday home near the beaches of Alanya and enjoy your privacy.


Citytrip to Istanbul

Istanbul is the perfect city for a citytrip. It’s the biggest city in Turkey and the only city that is spread over two continents, Europe and Asia. The two parts of the city are separated by river Bosporus, also called the golden horn. Sultanahmet is the heart of the old part of Istanbul. A must see if you ask ROOMLR is the Sultanahmetplein, where you will find the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia. Do you want to rent an apartment in Istanbul? Check the offers. Of course, you can also visit a relaxing hamam and rest after a day of culture.

Book a seat on a plane to go to Turkey!

The best way to travel to Turkey is by plane. You can choose to rent a car at your destination or you can use public transport, that’s totally up to you. A ROOMLR tip, it’s fun to ride a ‘dolmus’ if you want to go somewhere. These are buses that will only travel when it’s full.