Discover the best vacation rentals in Ibiza.
180 vacation rentals, apartments and villas to rent in Ibiza.
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Discover the best vacation rentals in Ibiza.

180 vacation rentals, apartments and villas to rent in Ibiza.


We’re going to Ibiza!

ROOMLR takes you to the beautiful Spanish island Ibiza, or how the Spanish say ‘Eivissa’. Ibiza is a very green island, situated in the Mediterrean sea and only 2,5 hours in the air if you are travelling from Schiphol Airport. There are beautiful holiday homes and apartments for you to relax. The island is known for it’s calmness and it’s party scene. This makes Ibiza suited for a holiday to relax, but also to party whenever you want.

Information about Ibiza

An island that has everything you want

Ibiza is 575 km2 and has a lot of small villages and cities. The most popular cities are Ibiza Town, Playa d’en Bossa, San Antonia and Santa Eulària des Riu. Of course, this is a small selection of all the fun places you can visit on the island. Ibiza Town is the best place to party and if you want to relax, your best option is Santa Eulària. ROOMLR tips you to rent a scooter! That way, you can hop to different beaches and you’ll be outdoors all day. You can park the scooter anywhere you want, and stop whenever you see something you love or find the views over Ibiza you have always wanted to experience for yourself. Those without a drivers license can use the excellent bus connections all over the island.

Must sees on Ibiza

It’s time to make a choice

During the 60s there were a lot of hippies on the island. The influence they had, is still tangible in the Northern area of Ibiza. If you are looking for the typical Ibiza fashion, like hippie clothing or jewelry, you should visit one of the markets there. There are two big ones, Las Dalias in Sant Carles and Hippy market in Es Canar. Mind you, check when there are markets, because this is not available on a daily basis. Since the 90s Ibiza has the reputation to be a party island eminently where everyone comes to share a dance. Famous DJs from all over the world are booked in clubs like Pacha, Amnesia, Privilege, Eden, Es Paradis, DC10, Space, UshuaÏa and the Blue Marlin. These are the most well known clubs on Ibiza but just a small selection of the wide range they have. The clubbing season starts in May and ends around the end of September, beginning of October. The opening- and closing parties are always big and famous and definitely worth a trip to experience the extravagance. These days, there is also the possibility to party outside the season, like Pacha which will be open during the winter season. Only downside is, these clubs are not cheap. Entrance is expensive, just like the drinks. Besides partying and the occasional shopping you can also eat a lot of great food. The kitchen is actually a mix of a lot of different things. You will find African, Arabic and even Northern-European influences in the dishes. One of the specialities is the cheese made of sheep milk, homemade right on the island. There is also a lot of fresh fish, waiting to be eaten. Because of all the different influences, you will find a lot of different restaurants, from tapas tot sushi, anything you want. ROOMLR can give you a numerous amount of tips when you vacay on Ibiza. You can visit the saltlakes, las Salinas, stroll through the small streets of Dalt Vila, which is the oldest part of Ibiza Town, take the boat for a day at Formatera of visit on of the caves of the island. There is so much to do! The best period to book a holiday home on Ibiza is at the end of spring. It’s already nice and warm, but not as busy as the summer season. Temperatures during this period are between 21 to 26 degrees Celsius. Another thing that might come in handy to know is that October can be very wet.


Book an apartment or holiday home on Ibiza

Make your own choice for a relax holiday or a party holiday

ROOMLR offers more than 800 different holiday homes and apartments on Ibiza. There are more than enough possibilities to book a holiday home. If you want to book a big holiday home with your friends including a private pool, it doesn’t matter if you book something in the country or along the coast. You can choose a apartment near the beaches of Ibiza, so you can enjoy a lovely summer holiday, without too much hassle. The Northern side of the island is the more quiet side, so if you want to relax, you should look at a holiday home on this side of Ibiza. For the real partypeople ROOMLR advises you to choose a holiday home or apartment near Ibiza Town, where the magic happens.

How to get to Ibiza?

Highly accessible by plane or boat

The easiest way to get to Ibiza is by plane. During the busiest season there are multiple flights from Amsterdam, Eindhoven and Rotterdam. For flights from your own country or city, just check your airline of choice. We are sure there will be multiple flights from everywhere. The airport is situated near the capitol of the island, Ibiza Town. By bus you can easily get to your apartment. If you find yourself along the Spanish coast and you want to visit for the weekend or a couple of days, you should take the boat to Ibizia. From Valencia, Barcelona and Dania there will departure boats to Ibiza on a daily basis.