Discover the best vacation rentals in Italy
116586 vacation rentals, apartments and villas to rent in Italy
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Discover the best vacation rentals in Italy

116586 vacation rentals, apartments and villas to rent in Italy


No campsite, but more luxury in your apartment or holiday home in Italy

This European country, which is shaped like a boot, has a lot of beautiful sights. It will never bore you when you are travelling through Italy. From North to South and East to West, every little piece will give you a gorgeous sight, has it’s own character and as a tourist you will never get tired of the land. Enjoy the Italian cuisine, architecture and hospitality. Italy is fit for multiple holidays. Book an holiday home or apartment for the summer, a chalet in Northern Italy during the winter or a bed and breakfast for the city trip you always wanted to do. There is so much to do, every season and ROOMLR tips the best things to do and to see.

Citytrip in Italy

Italian attractions

Firenze may not be the first city you think of when you travel to Italy, but it’s a gorgeous city to prowl around. Real, ancient Italian influences are here clearly, everywhere you look, like Ponte Vecchio, one of the landmarks of the city. Many pictures have been taken here, but it’s definitely worth seeing it with your own eyes. Near this famous bridge there is Piazza della Signoria, an L-shaped square in front of Palazzo Vecchio. The architecture here is unlike anything you have ever seen.

Everyone know the capital of Italy is Rome. Created by the Romans, many buildings are well preserved, like the Colosseum, which you can admire inside and out. Another thing you would want to see and which ROOMLR recommends are the Spanish Steps and the Trevi fountain. Throw in a coin and make a wish. It might come true!

In the city of love, surrounded by water, you will experience something you have never felt before. Venice is a city unlike any other. Sit down in a gondola and see every bridge that connects one side of the city with the other. Piazza San Marco is a gigantic square with so much to see. This is where religion, politics and culture comes together in Venice and experience the true city for that it is. A bed and breakfast may be the most perfect choice you can make when you take a trip to Venice.

For who thinks of Milan wants nothing less than stepping out of their apartment and stepping into the very centre of Milan. A city that is fit for a great citytrip, but also for a holiday, where you can visit multiple places at once. Milan’s Cathedral is impressive and definitely worth a visit. A piece of culture you can’t skip is La Scala theatre. The Opera House is a place where are a lot of plays like the ballet or original opera. Of course, you have to go shopping in this shopping walhalla filled with shopping centres in impressive architectural buildings.


Always wanted to rent a holiday home in Italy?

A holiday home surrounded by olive trees

Nature in Italy is beautiful and differs from what you are used to. Stay in your holiday home in Tuscany, in a breathtaking surrounding with the peace and quiet you may need. Lago di Garda is always a big attraction for many tourists and lovers of Italy. Many people think of a campsite when they think of Lago di Garda, but why shouldn’t you choose for a holiday home for you and your family, with everything you need. Enjoy your apartment in Italy from April to October with the best temperatures.

How to get to Italy?

A big country with a lot of transport options

Italy seems very far away, but there are many ways to get to this country. The roads are extensive and in good shape and makes a holiday by car one of the possibilities. There are also a lot of airports, depending on your destination. There is the Leonardo da Vinci International Airport near Rome, Florence Airport, Naples International Airport, Venice Marco Polo Airport near Venice and Malpensa Airport near Milan. Make sure you choose the best airport when you book a holiday home in Italy.