Is it possible to make a booking on Roomlr?

No, you always book through an external booking site. Roomlr is a worldwide search engine for holiday homes and apartments and it is not (yet) possible to make a booking directly on Roomlr. Roomlr displays the current available prices for 1,200,000 holiday homes on over 20 international booking sites, giving you the possibility to request or book the best holiday rental at their best price on one of the external booking sites.

Which types of booking sites are shown on Roomlr and are they reliable?

Roomlr is a meta search engine for multi booking sites internationally. Our goal is to give our users the most comprehensive overview possible and show them all the information and prices available online in order to find the perfect holiday home worldwide.

What you can expect from Roomlr is that we will always strive for maximum transparency. As a search engine, Roomlr is not involved in the booking process between the user, the online travel agent and the holiday rental, and therefore cannot, in any way, claim financial responsibility for the transaction process between these parties. Nevertheless, before displaying rates from a booking site on Roomlr, a background check on the company is always done to make sure that each customer has the opportunity to find the same deal offered on the holiday rental booking site. Additionally, we do not display deals from any site that does not pass our initial integration check or where there are any reports that the site is not reliable.

I did not receive a booking confirmation; could you please send me a new confirmation email?

Once you have booked a holiday rental with an external booking site you should automatically receive an email to confirm your booking. If you did not receive this email, please first check your spam email folder, or contact the respective holiday rental booking site where you completed your booking and they will be able to assist you. As it is not possible to directly make a holiday rental reservation on Roomlr, we cannot send you a new booking confirmation.

Can I cancel or change my holiday rental reservation through Roomlr?

Roomlr is a holiday rental search and it is not possible to make a holiday rental reservation directly on Roomlr. We only find you the best deal. In order to make a change or cancel a booking you will have to contact the holiday rental booking site with which you made the reservation. You can find this information on the confirmation email that you received or alternatively on the holiday rental booking site information page.

The price on Roomlr was different to the price on the booking site I was forwarded to; how can I book the price displayed on Roomlr?

We strive to always show the most accurate prices, however in rare cases we receive incorrect information from the booking sites that we work with regarding availability and extra fees. It may occur that a price is slightly higher on an external booking site compared with the price shown on Roomlr - this can be due to extra fees that were not communicated to Roomlr.

I was forwarded to a different holiday rental and booked this holiday rental; what can I do?

With over 1,200,000 holiday rentals, it can occasionally occur that we have an incorrect connection to a holiday rental on an external booking site. We are constantly working on improving our accuracy. If you do encounter a problem with an incorrect connection, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will investigate the problem. With your help we can improve the Roomlr search for future visitors.