Discover the best vacation rentals in Berlin.
1799 vacation rentals, apartments and villas to rent in Berlin.
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Discover the best vacation rentals in Berlin.

1799 vacation rentals, apartments and villas to rent in Berlin.


Citytrip Berlin

Sounds a bit edgy, yes. But these days, the official capital city of Germany, Berlin, is known for this slogan. Berlin is a city with long ancient history, but Berlin is also a city with focus on the future. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, which separated the Capitalistic West and the Communistic East for twenty-five years, the people of Berlin succeeded to change the city in to a hypermodern capital, leaving their history intact. With it’s mix of many modern features, and magnificent historically must sees, this metropolitan city is the place to go to when you are looking for a lot of diversity in just one trip. Booking an apartment in Berlin with ROOMLR, is booking yourself an experience you won’t forget.

Tips for visitors and tourists

So much Berlin - so little time

With 3.4 million citizens, Berlin is the biggest city of Germany. A city as big as that, has a whole lot to offer. There are simply too many hotspots to visit in one day (or two, or three or..) and so you have to be smart. The historical heart of it all is the ‘Mitte’ district. Many hotspots are located in this area, book your apartment here, and you will be able to visit more highlights, within a smaller amount of time. To get a feel of how big Berlin exactly is you have to pay a visit to the ‘Fernseturm’. A former television tower which provides a great view over Berlin. ‘Brandenburger Gate’, Berlin’s most important gate, is also a typical hotspot you can’t miss out on. Not that far away, you’ll find the boulevard of Berlin; ‘Unter den Linden’. If you want to go a little bit more local, go visit one of the 400 art galleries, offering a variety of fine arts. A visit to ‘The Holocaust Memorial’ is a must go, and spending all of those shopping euro’s in Kurfürstendamm probably is too. A different, yet pleasant surprise is that one forth of Berlin is owned by nature, beautiful lakes and woods, which makes Berlin the most green metropolitan city of Europe. If you are visiting Berlin during the summer, you should definitley go for a swim in ‘de Wanssee’. You might even want to consider booking an appartement, just out of town. A hidden place is ‘The leafy Tiergarten park’, located just behind Brandenburg Gate, the green heart of the city. In winter, the historic gas lanterns along the paths in the park create a beautiful shimmering light. The ‘Museumnacht’ is a two times a year returning event in Berlin, where over a hundred museums keep their doors open untill midnight. Ofcourse, this is only a small list of 'to do’s' in Berlin by ROOMLR.

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Big city, many places to go

In general, Berlin is one of the cheapest European cities to visit. Make sure you book an apartment near a metro station, because this is the most easiest and cheapest way to travel within Berlin. The metro (U-Bahn) will take you anywhere (one way,day and month tickets). Besides the metro, there are plenty of taxi’s available for approximately €1,65 a kilometer, that will take you anywhere you need to go. The most trendy area’s are ‘Mitte’and ‘Prenzlauer Berg’. These two are located in the centrum. ‘Kreuzeberg’, is full of restaurants, little ‘koffiebars’ and creative street art. Most students live in ‘Neukhölln’. A very good alternative to visit Berlin cheap if you choose to book a bed and breakfast, room, or apartment here.