Discover the best vacation rentals in Croatia
88700 vacation rentals, apartments and villas to rent in Croatia
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Discover the best vacation rentals in Croatia

88700 vacation rentals, apartments and villas to rent in Croatia


Hidden diamond along the Adriatic coast

Croatia is a hidden pearl on the Adriatic Sea. Generally speaking it’s a cheap destination where you can speak English. The warm sun and the cristal clear sea will make sure this will be your perfect holiday destination during the summer. From May to September it’ll be around 25 to 30 degrees, which we think is the perfect temperature and weather to enjoy your holiday to the fullest. This land is filled with old forts and many palaces and spread throughout the country you will find different beaches. Most of these beaches are pebbled, but the views are breathtaking. Nice to know it that the used currency is Kuna in Croatia, but you can also the euro if that’s what you prefer.

Citytrip to Croatia

Ancient places surrounded by breathtaking nature

Cities in Croatia are special and have a lot must sees, but those are not the only things you should visit. You have the Krka waterfalls, the plain of Stari Grad, National Park with the Plitvice lakes and you must not forget the Veliki Tabor castle in Zagreb. Whether your intentions are to go for nature and architecture or just a normal citytrip, Croatia is suited for any kind of holiday. ROOMLR tips a few cities that will take your breath away:

A gorgeous, big city that is also the capital of Croatia. Today you can still see the Roman influences. Have a look in the National Library, the square of Ban Jelačić or St. Marks’ church, to name a few must-sees in Zagreb. Enjoy Croatian hospitality during a relatively cheap citytrip to the capital of Croatia.

A city in Croatia with a lot of influences of Napoleon, influences from Venice and Habsburg. If history and architecture is the reason you travel to Pula, you should definitely visit the arc of Sergeii, the Twin Gates, Gate of Hercules and the Pula Arena. This city knows nice summers and mild winters. It along the Adriatic Sea, so even a day at the beach, enjoying the sun and the sea is one of Pula’s possibilities.

Dubronik is also located along the Adriatic Sea. It’s one of the most prominent destination in the mediterranean area and that’s the reason why a visit to this city definitely can’t be left out during your summer holiday in Croatia. Think of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival in the summer, enjoy all the architecture or go relaxing on the beach of Banje or Copacabana beach. Use the bus to travel from A to B within the city and to your holiday home or apartment in Dubrovik.


Always wanted to rend a holiday home in Croatia?

Summer, winter, always a good time to spend in your favorite apartment in Croatia

Choose something different, choose a romantic holiday home or apartment in Croatia. This country has so much to offer and very city can give you a different amazing feeling. Is it a citytrip you want to do, then we advise you to pick a lovely bed and breakfast in a city like Pula or Zagreb. Is it the sun, the sea and the beach you prefer, you should choose a holiday home or apartment in Split or Dubrovnik. ROOMLR has many things to offer in this unexpected destination, for the best price! Also check our offers.

How to get to Croatia?

Car, plane, the choice is yours

Do you live in Europe, than your own car is a good option to travel to Croatia. If you don’t prefer your car, a plane is the next best option. There is more than one airport in Croatia. You should think of Zadar, Pula, Rijeka and Osijjeka. Depending on where you are going, there is always an airport that is closest to your destination. Rent a car and discover all the hidden pearls this country has!