Discover the best vacation rentals in Flachau.
204 vacation rentals, apartments and villas to rent in Flachau.
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Discover the best vacation rentals in Flachau.

204 vacation rentals, apartments and villas to rent in Flachau.


Ski Holiday Flachau

Fun for everyone in Flachau

Flachau is a village just above the valley of Salzburger Sportwelt. A skiing area suitable for someone who loves to ski as well as to snowboard, beginning and advanced. It is situated on a 920 meters height, which makes the area fairly sure of snow. The average snowheight from december until april is around 120cm on the alp and 45cm in the valley. If the snowheights are not up to standard, there always is a possibility to artificial spray snow on the slopes to make this trip on the alps in Flachau unforgettable. Take the Space Jet lift or Achter Jet for so much snow fun, you want to come back to this place each year.The variation in accomodation, like the wooden cottages, chalets or apartments in Flachau assure a mixed audience, from families with children and students to real winter sports enthusiasts. Another factor in this matter is the fact that you can do all kind of things during the day and at night. You can rent a tire to glide down the slopes, go ice climbing or do long walks through the snow. There is no reason to be bored. If you prefer cross-country, in Flachau you have the opportunity to take a tour down the 220 kilometers long track through and around Flachau. Also the possibility to go après-skiing is for everyone. In the valley there are all kinds of places you can go to have an amazing evening. The most common bars in Flachau are Dampfkessel and Hofstadl, two temples where you can party, dance and socialize to different kinds of music, live-bands and of course the typical Austrian melodies.

Ski Area Salzburger Sportwelt

Cozy skiarea with good accessibility from your chalet

Salzburger Sportwelt is a relatively large area in the mids of Austria, with different villages spread between heights from 600 meters to 2180 meters. It is an area which is connected through a good busconnection, just walk out of your chalet, into the bus. Your car will bring you to your destination, but you can also leave it at your hotel or chalet during your entire stay in Flachau. Getting to Flachau is also very easy. The village is close to the highway, which saves you a long drive through the mountains. If you prefer travelling by car, near every lift there is enough parkingspace to park your car and hit the slopes.

Book a ski chalet in Flachau

Typical Flachau chalets

Housing in Flachau is the typical chalet architecture you would aspect when you go to Austria. Wooden holiday accommodations, located at the base of Flachau’s alps and loipes. At Roomlr we have a wide range of holiday accommodations to choose from in Flachau. With over 170 holiday retraites, there is always a perfect place that satifies your needs.